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les véhicules électriques kstar assiste à shanghai international offre d'équipements juste

 ouvrez la porte de voyage vert avec des technologies de pointe
 --réflexions sur kstar evse pour véhicule électrique international de shanghai approvisionnement équitable

        EVSE Shanghai International Electric Vehicle Supply Equipments Fair was opened in Shanghai New International Expo Centre on August 23. As an electric vehicle charging technology expert and leader, Kstar brought its four series of products and integrated solutions, including the integrated DC quick charger, split DC quick charger, AC charging pile and DC charging module, which would lead electric vehicle charging technology to a new future.
  The production and sales volume of new energy automobiles shows a rapid increasing trend and that in charging facility field is also very active. The field is another important battle field of new energy automobile industry chain. Discerning capitalists swarm, busy with "scrambling for site" for building charging pile offline and promoting various charging APPs online. At present, the preheating of downstream charging pile operation directly pushes the upstream equipment manufacturing ahead. The industry gets into the incandesce stage in a short time.

        With the explosive demand growth of charging pile market, the efficiency of charging piles is getting more attention from operators and becoming more popular. As an emerging industry, most operators in charging pile industry are still in the "enclosure" times, therefore, the efficiency of charging piles directly relates to the operation cost and operation mode of the operators.
        Relying on the strong technical research and development ability accumulated over the years, Kstar charging pile keeps ahead of industry level in charging efficiency. While the general efficiency in the industry was 94%, Kstar first reached the following leading level in the industry: efficiency of charging module: 96.5%; efficiency of whole machine: 95.96%; ultra-low power consumption of the system (150kW system): 0.02%. For charging pile industry, a gap of 0.1 represents huge operation profit difference and industrial technology gap. Saving money for customers is also one of the R&D creeds of Kstar.
        Kstar charging pile has always been positioned as "Technical Expert and Leader of Charging Pile Industry". The company also invested huge special fund to build a representative R&D team for product development.
        The production and sales volume of new energy automobiles in China shows explosive growth. Based on the data statistics of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the production volume and sales volume of new energy automobiles in 2015 reached 340,000 and 33,000, a 3.3 times and 3.4 times growth year on year respectively. With the rapid development of new energy vehicles and the intensive introduction of relevant favorable national policies, electric vehicle charging system product market flourishes.
        Kstar shall go with the tide of the times, grasp the industrial opportunity, seize the market of electric vehicle charging system product quickly and jump to the leading position in the market. By virtue of leading technology advantages such as safety protection, rectifier module, system monitoring, Kstar was included in the Top 500 global new energy enterprises in 2015.

 Highlight I
        The newest small volume integrated DC quick charger (double-gun, single-gun) of Kstar with higher efficacy and smaller volume is launched, attracting numerous professional visitors.

 Highlight II

        The integrated mobile DC quick charger, floor type AC charger and wall-mounted AC charger of Kstar are more professional, convenient and safe.
Distribute green energy and lead electric vehicle charging technology to the new future
        As a domestic charging pile industry leader, Kstar, through overall arrangement and joint efforts and by virtue of its strong R&D ability, has become the only domestic charging pile production enterprise meeting national standard, Japanese standard and European standard, and was included in the Top 500 global new energy enterprises in 2015.
        In spite of the honors and achievements that Kstar has obtained, Kstar people never stopped. Kstar people have always been marching forward courageously on the road of innovation and refinement and striding forward by adhering to the faith and mission of "China Power Pushes the Future Ahead"!